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What are the L and the N signs for?

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N_and_L_signThe Red L and the Green N signs let other drivers know that the car is being driven by a Learner or a Novice driver.
A learner driver must identify him/herself with the red L sign clearly visible on the rear of the vehicle, for the whole time he/she is behind the wheel . It needs to be removed when a fully licensed class 5 driver is driving.
The green N sign is the identification for a novice driver who now holds a class 7 license and this sign must also be displayed. This stage lasts a minimum of two years, then a novice driver is allowed to apply for a road test to take his/her class 5 exam.
Should the class 7 driver not pass the class 5 test, they will keep their novice license and can reapply for another class 5 test.
So far ICBC has not made it mandatory to take a class 5 test, so a novice driver could theoretically drive indefinitely with a class 7 license (and the N sign of course!).
ICBC provides magnetic N and L signs to the learning and novice driver.
Keep in mind that there are restrictions on L and N drivers as to when they can drive, and who can be in the car with them.