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Testimonial: Michelle

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My story started at the age of 17, when I was the passenger in a T-bone collision. That accident left with with a concussion and anxiety about being in cars, or using any form of transportation.  I was in two minor accidents after that but suffered no injuries.  What these subsequent accidents did was leave me feeling more and more scared about the idea of being behind the wheel.  As long as I had friends and family who were always willing to drive me, the issue was pushed to the side.

At the age of 22, it became apparent to me that the time was Now.  After going through counselling, and after two unsuccessful attempts at passing my full license test I contacted Ingrid.  This was not the first time she had given me lessons.  This time was different though in that I was more ready to receive the information she was giving me.

Behind the wheel I was letting my anxiety drive me rather than logical thoughts.  Ingrid was able to point out when I was doing something due to anxiety.  She challenged me to think about why I was doing things, rather then just what I was doing incorrectly.  She encouraged me to recognize that this journey is a struggle, and that I am on it because I survived those accidents.  This put my mindset into one that I am a survivor, and that shows my strength.  I can use this strength to help me make more logical decisions behind the wheel.

I am on this hero’s journey and despite how badly I just wanted that full license, Ingrid reminded me that it was the journey that was important.  She encouraged me when I needed it, but also reminded me that I can be that source of encouragment for myself.  She had faith in me, even when I did not have faith in myself.  With her knowledge, and my fight to achieve a huge goal of mine, I was able to get my full license.  Everyone’s hero’s journey is different, but mine would not be the same without Ingrid’s ability to keep me honest and true to myself as a person and driver.

I would recommend Ingrid as a driving instructor to anyone, in fact I already have.  I tell people that she can help people even who don’t think they can be helped.  She does this by making you smile, and pushing you to your full potential.  She will go the extra mile to make sure you feel supported.  Ingrid’s personal experience with trauma, made it that much easier for me to be myself around her.  I could be honest about my fears because they don’t sound crazy to someone who has also experienced trauma.  Victoria is lucky to have a driving specialist like Ingrid.  Whether you have anxiety or other fears from experiencing trauma or not Ingrid is an expert in her trade.  She can look at the way you drive from a critical perspective that will make you a safer driver for life, even after the test.