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Testimonial: Michelle

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My story started at the age of 17, when I was the passenger in a T-bone collision. That accident left with with a concussion and anxiety about being in cars, or using any form of transportation.  I was in two minor accidents after that but suffered no injuries.  What these subsequent accidents did was leave me feeling more and more scared about the idea of being behind the wheel.  As long as I had friends and family who were always willing to drive me, the issue was pushed to the side. At...

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Fuel for the Mindful Driver: Roundabouts

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FUEL FOR THE MINDFUL DRIVER: About Roundabouts ‘Round Here More and more intersections have been converted to roundabouts in greater Victoria area. They are designed to keep traffic flowing and have proven effective in many cities for years. However, Victoria drivers are taking a while to get used to them. Most important: Before entering the roundabout, the driver must yield to traffic approaching on the left. This kind of intersection should not be confused with a traffic circle in...

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Why do you call yourself a driving coach rather than an instructor?

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“In 2001 when I started teaching, I discovered very quickly that I am particularly good with fearful drivers. I developed my method of coaching which focuses not only on the driving skills, but also the confidence to drive successfully.” Where did this talent come from? “At age 8, I was in a bad car crash. It wasn’t until I learned to drive years later that the impact of this surfaced; the fear I experienced driving seemed irrational and I was embarrassed that I was so...

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Do you accept referrals of traumatized drivers from legal and medical professionals?

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“I work with many psychologists, occupational therapists, Workers compensation, insurance adjusters, law offices and medical offices. A professional is always welcome to call me in advance to discuss requirements. My coaching also meets the requirements for court-ordered driving remediation.”

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How safe is the student during lessons?

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“We use a Volvo driving instructor’s car with dual controls (as mandated by ICBC). The Volvo is widely known as an extremely safe and predictable vehicle. Remember, it is my job to maintain control of the vehicle and keep you safe, and I have a brake pedal that is designed to prevent...

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