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Fuel for the Mindful Driver: Good news for parents

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FUEL FOR THE MINDFUL DRIVER: Good news for parents of teenagers.
Parents can feel helpless when confronted with risk-taking behaviour in their teenagers and the influence of their peer groups. Parents need to know that their children do value their input and that their advice is important to their children — even though at the time parents only hear protests.
I am speaking from experience: as both a mother and a driving instructor, my children heard a lot of advice and rarely welcomed it at the time. They are all grown now, and more than once they have told me that what I said to them then, had saved them (or someone else) from grief later.
When I asked why I only heard about this now, my daughter told me with a grin, that she had hated it when she found that I had been right. She said “I heard you all the time — but I was not going to let you know that!”.
We, the parents have one shot at this parenting thing: it is better to say too much than too little, that’s our job!