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Posts made in May, 2015

Fuel for the Mindful Driver: Music in our ears?

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FUEL FOR THE MINDFUL DRIVER: Music in our ears? Here’s some news – now there is a study to backup your intuitive feeling, that teens and music do not mix when driving.  This could make your conversation a little bit easier. Association for Psychological Science: Music in the car can cause teen drivers to tune out. While it’s well known that using a cell phone while driving is a recipe for disaster, a study from psychological scientists Warren Brodsky and Zack Slor of Ben-Gurion...

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Fuel for the Mindful Driver: Left Hand Turns

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FUEL FOR THE MINDFUL DRIVER: Left Hand Turns Left hand turns are the most dangerous turns on a two way street, and yet it is the one turn where risks are taken more often then not. There are several reasons why some drivers are failing to either yield to oncoming traffic or enter the intersection when they should have taken the opportunity to stop and wait for the next light. Risk taking behaviour is always driven by an intense emotion. The reasons are as varied as drivers themselves. The fear...

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Fuel for the mindful pedestrian: Inattention

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LOOK WHERE YOU ARE WALKING: This campaign from Switzerland uses black humour to educate smart phone users. The storyline is about a 24 year old young man with friends and a job and how he is about to use magic even though he is not aware of it. It is the age old trick of disappearing. This could not have been more graphic. Would it work in Canada? I wonder! This is the link to a story in...

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