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How is a Driving Coach different from an Instructor?

Ingrid offers license training for new drivers, as well as coaching to improve confidence.

Driver Coaching is more like rehabilitation for men and women who want to drive -who often used to love to drive- but who now find themselves jittery in traffic or anxious at the notion of driving.

“I’m a driving coach as well as an instructor. I help people understand where their fears come from,” Ingrid explains. “We talk, we drive, they figure out what they’re afraid of and why, and we practice their skills so they can be confident, comfortable drivers again.”

New drivers or drivers returning to the road can be confident in Ingrid’s coaching.


Help for Nervous Drivers and Post-Collision Coaching

“Many different reasons contribute to people’s anxieties. They’ve been in a crash, or someone they know has been. They might have been sick. They’ve lost their confidence.” Ingrid says.

Often the collision was not their fault, nor could they have done anything to prevent it. But knowing intellectually doesn’t make the feelings go away, Ingrid explains. “The important thing is how you feel about the crash, not how serious it was”. Good therapists understand this, and Ingrid often gets referrals from  occupational therapists, psychologists, doctors, and lawyers


We use a new Honda CR-V driving instructor’s car with dual controls (as mandated by ICBC).


Honda CR-V instructors vehicle


The CR-V is an extremely safe and predictable vehicle. “Remember, it is my job to maintain control of the vehicle and keep you safe, and I have a brake pedal that is designed to prevent mishaps.”

Medical and Legal Referrals

Ingrid works often with occupational therapists, physiotherapists, counsellors, psychologists and lawyers. Please contact Ingrid at 250-388-6638 to discuss referrals and client’s requirements.

Defensive driving courses can be helpful in driver’s legal proceedings.

For clients with health or anxiety  issues, Ingrid will collaborate with medical professionals to set up an individual plan of coaching to help the client regain their road sense.

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