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What are the restrictions on a Novice driver in BC?

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A Novice driver is one who has passed their road test and been granted a Class 7 license.

From ICBC, these are the restrictions on a Novice driver in British Columbia.

No alcohol

No blood alcohol:You must not drive with any alcohol in your body​
Display N

Display N sign:Display N sign on the back of your vehicle​
No hand-held

No electronic devices:No hand-held or hands-free electronic devices​

Limit one passenger:1 passenger only (immediate family exempt) unless with supervisor age 25+ with a valid Class 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 licence.​

You can drive outside of BC with your L or N license as long as your British Columbia learner’s or Novice licence is in good standing (not expired or prohibited/suspended). The same restrictions apply as they would in BC, but you should also check with the laws of the other Province or State to see if additional restrictions apply. If your are driving a rental car, additional contract restrictions from the rental company would apply.

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