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Testimonial – Amy

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My mom wasn’t the best driving instructor – she tried, but she’s more of a “do-er” than a “show-er.” After a couple failed attempts at taking me out, we both decided it was in our best interest that I find a driving instructor.

I was excited to get some advice from a professional – someone who took teaching driving seriously and knew what they were doing. I really liked that Ingrid is patient, and she didn’t mind repeating herself or re-wording what she had said because she genuinely wanted me to understand. She would say “the only dumb question is the question [I] didn’t ask!”

Each lesson Ingrid would discuss with me what I would be learning. That put me at ease, knowing that I wouldn’t be blind-sided by learning a skill that I wasn’t mentally prepared for. Her amazing methods made even the most daunting lesson, like the dreaded parallel parking, a piece¬†of cake. She was fabulous at talking me through the exercises; I found myself thinking “Who knew this could be so simple!”. When I’m downtown I don’t have to search for parkades because I am confident enough that the idea of parking on the street doesn’t scare me anymore¬†(something many of my friends are jealous about!)

When it came to taking my road test, Ingrid informed me that I could use her car, which was awesome! Since I had spent so much time practicing in that car, it felt like a calm environment to take my test in. She met me at the Motor Vehicle Branch for a brush-up lesson and then sent me off for my test with the examiner.

I’m really glad that I had that experience learning to drive with Ingrid in Victoria, I come from Shawnigan Lake where there isn’t much traffic. I’ve had my license for almost two years now, and I often drive my car in Victoria and Vancouver. My friends ask me to drive in those places, because I’m so much more attentive, as I know what to look for and how the roads work in those situations. Thank you, Ingrid, for giving me the confidence to drive anywhere, anytime!