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Testimonial: Michelle

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My story started at the age of 17, when I was the passenger in a T-bone collision. That accident left with with a concussion and anxiety about being in cars, or using any form of transportation.  I was in two minor accidents after that but suffered no injuries.  What these subsequent accidents did was leave me feeling more and more scared about the idea of being behind the wheel.  As long as I had friends and family who were always willing to drive me, the issue was pushed to the side. At...

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Ingrid gives new and nervous drivers confidence to succeed.

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No two students require the same instruction, so each student gets my undivided attention in the car. Also, the ability to practice new skills immediately and hands-on means that much more learning is retained. In addition to building confidence and good driving habits, all of the material for the BC Drivers Class 7 and Class 5 licensing is covered.

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Healing my Driving Anxiety

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I dreaded driving in my early years. I had hoped that once I passed the driving test I would feel much better about driving. I didn’t know what to do about this unhappy state I was in, other than to keep on driving and hoping it would go away. It didn’t. I felt very alone, there was no one I felt I could talk to, and I didn’t see anybody else have problems in driving, so I started to feel ashamed and hid my fears from others. It wasn’t until I made the connection with a...

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Who was the worst student? (an introduction to Mindful Driving)

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Who was the worst student? Students will often ask me if they are the worst student I have ever seen. It comes as a big surprise when I tell them that the worst student was me . Some students judge their struggles in lessons as being a “bad” student, and so did I. I couldn’t understand why I was so terrified to learn to drive . It didn’t make any sense to me, but emotionally, I did not want to drive. I cried a lot and felt overwhelmed most of the time. But I also had a...

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Do you have students coming to you with special requirements?

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“Yes, I see students who are anxious about driving post-crash, or who have been referred to take driver re-certification, new drivers, students who prefer an understanding, female coach, and new Canadians.  Having grown up in Europe, I understand about the challenges of adopting a new country and culture.”

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