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Testimonial: Haley

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Ingrid has taught me in both the Volvo and the Honda CR-V. Both vehicles were very easy to drive and have excellent visibility. Loved driving the new CR-V, it was very easy to drive and to see out of. Learning to drive with Ingrid is a very calm and non-intimidating...

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Testimonial – Amy

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My mom wasn’t the best driving instructor – she tried, but she’s more of a “do-er” than a “show-er.” After a couple failed attempts at taking me out, we both decided it was in our best interest that I find a driving instructor. I was excited to get some advice from a professional – someone who took teaching driving seriously and knew what they were doing. I really liked that Ingrid is patient, and she didn’t mind repeating herself or...

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Training for new drivers – Ingrid gives confidence

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For new drivers, Ingrid’s 100% in-car coaching gives the confidence and practical skills you can’t get in a classroom – whether you are learning for the first time, or tuning up for a road test.  Read Amy’s story…

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Ingrid gives new and nervous drivers confidence to succeed.

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No two students require the same instruction, so each student gets my undivided attention in the car. Also, the ability to practice new skills immediately and hands-on means that much more learning is retained. In addition to building confidence and good driving habits, all of the material for the BC Drivers Class 7 and Class 5 licensing is covered.

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Can a student get motorcycle, commercial or truck license training?

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“I have made the decision to specialize in new and nervous drivers in Class 5 and 7 only. If you or a family member needs specialized licensing, I would be happy to recommend an instructor in that specialty.”

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What if a student is afraid of being yelled at?

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“I understand that the learning experience is difficult for many people. A student does need a no-nonsense coach, but also one who treats them with respect, and is non-judgmental. There are never raised voices during our lessons, each correction is treated as a learning opportunity. Constructive criticism is part of the coaching process, but it is always about the driving decisions, not about the student.”

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How safe is the student during lessons?

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“We use a Volvo driving instructor’s car with dual controls (as mandated by ICBC). The Volvo is widely known as an extremely safe and predictable vehicle. Remember, it is my job to maintain control of the vehicle and keep you safe, and I have a brake pedal that is designed to prevent...

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