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Fuel for the mindful driver: Escape the Drama

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FUEL FOR THE MINDFUL DRIVER: Escape the Drama This is a beautiful story told by a courageous driver who was able to recognize that the thoughts in his head were a self-created drama designed to make him right and others wrong. We all do this at one time or an other, but rarely do we catch ourselves or have the universe give us a wake-up call. In MINDFUL DRIVING we attend to WHAT IS, not to what IT SHOULD be, or what WE WANT IT TO BE. That also includes being aware of feeling irritated, or being...

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What if a student is afraid of being yelled at?

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“I understand that the learning experience is difficult for many people. A student does need a no-nonsense coach, but also one who treats them with respect, and is non-judgmental. There are never raised voices during our lessons, each correction is treated as a learning opportunity. Constructive criticism is part of the coaching process, but it is always about the driving decisions, not about the student.”

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