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New rule in BC takes effect, hanging out in the left lane is not right

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keep_rightBC’s new highway left lane rules take effect June 12 2015.  On highways (with a speed limit of 80 kmh or more) with two or more lanes in the travelled direction, you are required to move into the right lane for travel. No more hanging out in the left lane.

Permitted uses of the left-most lane are

  • Overtaking and passing another vehicle
  • Moving left to allow traffic to merge
  • Preparing for a left hand turn
  • Moving left to pass an official vehicle displaying a flashing light
  • When the right lane is unsafe, for example avoiding debris or other blockages in the right lane
  • When traffic is congested and the actual speed of traffic drops below 50 kmh, fill all lanes
  • When traffic is minimal and there are no vehicles approaching from behind
  • If a restricted HOV or bus lane is the left-most lane on a particular stretch of highway, then the left lane as defined for this law is the left-most regular travel lane.

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