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Testimonial – Kelsey

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For many years I avoided obtaining my license out of an innocent fear I had built around driving. Although most of my friends had their ‘N’ and were progressing forward, I felt frozen and stuck by my anxieties. I had succumbed to the belief that I wasn’t someone who was meant to drive and I would forever accept my reliance on public transportation. This belief that I was different than most 20-some-year-olds left me feeling dissociated and confused. My internal voice lead me to question my worries about driving, hinting that my fears may be irrational and that sooner or later I would have to face them head on. As a yoga instructor, I have learnt to listen to my intuition and get to the root of truth within myself. It was during this self reflection that I realized I needed to take the first step and go after the very thing that has been holding me back from moving forward with my life; Driving.

I had heard about Ingrid Weighton’s therapeutic approach to driver training and valued her sensitive and supportive ideals around reducing stress and anxiety on and off the road. So I made the first step and booked my first official driving instruction. The very first time I met with Ingrid, she assured me that everything I was feeling was normal; Instead of running from those feelings or feeling trapped by them, I needed to accept them, understand them, and ultimately, work through them to let them go. Ingrid Weighton’s Driving School is unlike any training program out there. Not only does she supply you with the highest knowledge of road safety and rules, but she works with you to build the self-confidence you need to feel in control behind the wheel. After only one session with Ingrid, I felt much more in control and grounded in my newly forming driving abilities.

Ingrid Weighton is a huge believer that we drive the way we live life. For example, because I had allowed my fears to rule my life for so many years, I had become a highly cautious and sensitive person. This showed in my driving by my constant hesitation and self-doubt, believing that the more “safe” and cautious I am on the road, the better the driver. Ingrid was able to educate me on the falseness of this thinking, constructively showing me that this self-doubt keeping me trapped, and essentially, creating a hazard for other drivers on the road. I trusted Ingrid that over time I would be able to work past this and these changes would bubble over into my everyday life, allowing me to become more confident in my personal life as well.

Every driving lesson opened my eyes to new experiences, awakening and working through any old or new fears I had buried inside. I was comforted by her slow but steady teaching style, going at a tolerable pace, and never feeling pressured to go for my driving test until I felt absolutely confident in my progressions. This progression felt easy, relaxed, and natural. It gave me enough time to notice the changes happening in myself as well as enough practice to retain all the road knowledge that is essential to my training. Ingrid’s presence and confidence inspired me to move forward, learn, grow, and be the kind of driver I knew I could be. I never felt judged and no question or answer was deemed wrong or unimportant.

Ingrid’s experience with those dealing with stress and anxiety disorders, along with her rooting in therapeutic counseling, makes the driving an enjoyable experience. By the time I felt ready to move ahead and book my driving test, I had changed so much as a person. I feel I had morphed, becoming a new person with new abilities. I became a confident young woman who had control over her life, someone who could set their mind to anything and have the patience, knowledge, and perseverance to accomplish it. Ingrid does not focus on changing people, but rather, letting these changes come naturally.

My experience with Ingrid Weighton was invaluable. Not only would I recommend her to anyone who is feeling resistance around driving, I would suggest every single person who has made the choice to drive, to sign up for lessons or refresher instructions with her. She has impacted my life in ways that I cannot express enough gratitude for. I can truly and honestly say that she was the right teacher in my life that I needed to cultivate these new qualities I had created within myself. Furthermore, I successfully passed my driver’s test with flying colors, not just because I was thoroughly trained by the best, but because I was confident that I had all the tools I needed to prove that I knew what I was doing.

I could not suggest a better driving instructor than Ingrid Weighton. My experience with her will last a lifetime, and I continue to drive knowing with the utmost confidence that I have received the best driver training out there. Not only do I consider myself a good driver on the road, I consider myself a good driver in my life. We all have the capacity to become safe and confident drivers, and sometimes we just need someone patient and caring enough to prove that within us.

Thank you Ingrid for helping me face my fears, move forward, and change my life.