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Fuel for the Mindful Driver: Music in our ears?

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Here’s some news – now there is a study to backup your intuitive feeling, that teens and music do not mix when driving.  This could make your conversation a little bit easier.

musicinthecarAssociation for Psychological Science: Music in the car can cause teen drivers to tune out.

While it’s well known that using a cell phone while driving is a recipe for disaster, a study from psychological scientists Warren Brodsky and Zack Slor of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev found evidence that the music teens listen to may also have a hazardous influence on their driving.

And it’s not just fiddling with the volume or trying to skip a song that divert a person’s attention away from the road. The music itself can interfere with teens’ ability to stay focused on driving.

“Drivers underestimate in-car distraction from activities, which are widely acceptable but not necessarily safe, involving a range of mundane activities such as simply listening to music,” the researchers write in the journal Accident Analysis and PreventionRead more…