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Are streets without traffic signs conceivable?

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“The many rules [of the road] strip us of the most important thing: the ability to be considered.”
Is the  Dutch traffic guru Hans Monderman right that we are “losing the capacity for social behavior.”?
As safety obsessed  Canadians, are we creating more problems on the road than necessary?
It has been my long-held belief that when driving we are in community – the same community
we live in. How we interact with one another in our everyday life is reflected on our streets – just
faster and with higher consequences.
So , when I came across this article and read that “unsafe is safe”, I found it thought-provoking.
Please read on,  and drive with a cooperative spirit.
Bettery Magazine: Sonnenfelsplatz – Restructuring public space. Remove traffic signs and make people pay attention, Graz, Austria